joi, 11 iulie 2013

Week 3

       The last week, although apparently easy and without any difficulties, actually caused trouble to every single one of us. The beginning of the week seemed to be calm and usual, because we’ve learned in these days new information about layers and building sections. Our tutor thought us how to use, create, edit and analyze the properties of a layer. He help us very much in the case that we have a elaborate project, because using it we can hide temporarly from the plan some elements which confused us and also make the program work slower. The section of the building is one of the most significant aspect of the CAD platform, because it offers us a large perspective: one in detail and one by cutting it.
       The next days , everything became more complicated, each one of us had to apply all the skills that had been assimilated during the training. An important element which was necessary this week was the text tool that we created in the previous weeks, because it gave us the possibility to revise everything that we’ve learned over time and to use it. The team tried to prove the fact that the classes were useful and, working really intensely , they managed to design the final project. The whole group co-operated very nicely, setting up the website and also its brochure. Also the teachers helped us in this rough period, and they gave us he moral support that we needed to stay together and to keep our target intact.

After long hours of working we succeeded to come to an end and also to sum up all the knowledge in one final design of houses “ensemble” thus creating a brand new modern district.

Week 2

       The second week came faster than we expected and  we were introduced to a completely new side of the program we were learning . Before we knew it we had already learned the ropes of CAD platform and could now make 2D plans and drawings using diverse tools.
       But this week we went on a whole new level and ,step by step , we entered the amazing world of 3D,where the simple plans we made in the work zone turned into dream houses.
       We started the week by learning about the new tools in the planning toolbar which we could use for 3D presentations . We found out how to adjust the properties of elements  in order to reach our goal.
       The main tools we used were Walls ,Doors , Windows , Floor , Objects ,etc.
       Our first assignment was designing our classroom in 3D . We thought it was no difference at first , but then we discovered that as opposed to the simple 2D plan , we could view the new drawing in the third dimension. One of the most important things we learned was setting the exact measures such as height and length , so that the object would fit perfectly in the space designed . We planned even the smallest details, from the pattern of the column to placing the computers on the tables.
        During this week we also made a model of the Alfatraining building and in this process we learned how to add more stories . As a matter we designed our own stairs and introduced elevators.
We used some tricks so that we could make our project more accesile (perspective,axonometry,orbits,etc.)
        Finally we knew enough to start our very own project : houses where we had the chance to apply the skills we aquired during our training.

Week 1

We started by learning how to draw in 2D mode. The very first step was making a line. Then we continued with polylines and shapes.
Our first learned skill was how to draw little people!
First drawings… 

Multiplying, Rotating, Moving…

Learning the shortcuts! 
Now that we knew how to draw anything we wanted, the next step was to add color and make everything look better. We also learned how to change the pattern of our drawings not only on the entire object but also on the outlines.

After all this work we were ready for something bigger! The next project was designing our classroom. The most difficult thing was trying to guess every dimension, but after a lot of hard work we managed to finalize our plan!
The goal of the week!